Kitchen Renovations

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The kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. It should accommodate your needs for cooking, space for dining and storage. Its look and atmosphere should complement your home and accommodate how you plan on using the space . A lot of factors play into kitchen design, but the first step before choosing appliances or visiting a cabinet showroom is to set some goals for your space.

Take these factors into consideration when you start to think about a kitchen renovation:

  • Size of the space – to realize your dream kitchen will you have to knock out walls or is a change of layout necessary?
  • Homeowner’s lifestyle – How do you like to cook, entertain are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself
  • Budget – if you are doing a complete reno of your kitchen, 6 to 10% of the value of your home is reasonable to realize a good return on your investment when you resell
  • Condition of the building – working with a pro will help you qavoid pitfalls when working with an older or outdated infrastructure

Plumbing 4 Less is the company to call to when you’re ready to renovate your kitchen. From minor kitchen renovations like installing a dishwasher or garbage disposal to complete kitchen plumbing renovation, upgrade and/or redesign, Plumbing 4 Less is experienced, affordable, and professional.

An inspired kitchen renovation requires creativity as well as excellent plumbing skills. The unseen plumbing foundation of your kitchen renovation makes the elegant, functional exterior perform flawlessly. Something as seemingly straightforward as a kitchen island takes a master designer and experienced technician to bring water under the floor for an inset sink. Plumbing 4 Less accomplishes such kitchen renovation installations daily.

At Plumbing 4 Less we respect you, your home, and the work we do. Plumbling 4 Less brings a high standard to service to your kitchen renovation needs or dreams. Highly-skilled masters, prompt and convenient service, respectful performance, up-front fair pricing, written estimates and warranties are the treasured hallmarks of Plumbing 4 Less.

Call Plumbing4Less to discuss your kitchen renovation dreams and general plumbing requirements today.