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The reason Ottawa area residents might need Drain Cleaning Services

  1. Old galvanized or cast iron drains.  Most Ottawa area neighbourhoods have exceeded the expected lifetime of metal drainage.  These pipes deteriorate from the inside.  Causing the opening in the drain pipe to collect rust and buildup until the entire pipe is full of sediment and debris.
  2. Improper plumbing vents.  The Ontario plumbing code was produced for a reason.  Improperly vented plumbing fixtures will not drain properly.  Have you ever placed your thumb over a straw, and pulled it out of a drink, only to find that the liquid was still in the straw?  Once you removed your thumb, it drained out of the straw didn’t it?  The drain waste and vent system in your home operates much the same way.
  3. Too much debris down the laundry tub drain.  Are you guilty of taking your plumbing drainage system for granted?  Have you ever pushed it when washing your dirty paint brushes, or cleaning your tools in your laundry tub?  Just because it doesn’t look as fancy as the nice stainless steel sink in your kitchen, doesn’t mean the drain is capable of any extra wear and tear.
  4. Grease in your kitchen sink.  My mother used to pour the bacon fat in a tin can, and then wipe out of the pan with a paper towel before rinsing it off in the sink.  It turns out she had learned this lesson with a call to the plumber years earlier.  Grease, even in small amounts will build up in your drain over time.  These are also one of the hardest types of blockages to clear.
  5. Hair in your shower or bathtub drain.  These can be stubborn drains to clean.  Drain cleaning services can be avoided by installing a hair strainer on your drain.  You can purchase these at Home Depot, in the plumbing aisle, for less than $10.
  6. Flushing food down the toilet.  We’ve all done it, yet we all know better.
  7. Tree roots.  The big beautiful maple in your front yard is probably wreaking havoc on your drain services if your pipe is made from cast iron, concrete, clay, asbestos or other non plastic pipes.  Roots from trees are in constant search for nutrients and your drain pipe is the fuel source it is seeking.  Consider upgrading this drain to PVC before your basement fills with sewage.
  8. Toys in the toilet.  Every week we get a call from a frustrated mother complaining about the fact that her toilet is probably plugged with a toy train, boat, ninja turtle etc.
  9. Sanitary napkins.  These are the number one culprit for homes that have basement bathrooms connected to sewage pumps.  Ottawa drain cleaning service calls can get costly if a tampon plugs up your pump as often times, this will burn out the pump.
  10. Counter sloped piping.  Sometimes plumbing systems will work correctly for years and years even when a section of the piping has been sloped the wrong way.  Eventually though, these pipes will clog and you will definitely need a drain cleaning service, as well as a correction to the pipe.


Ottawa residents can rest assured that Plumbing 4 Less is experienced in dealing with all types of drain cleaning services.  For more information please call us today at 613-315-7928 or view our sewer repair and snaking page for more information.