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Hard water is water that has a high mineral content (water with a low mineral content is known as soft water). This content usually consists of high levels of metal ions, mainly calcium and magnesium in the form of carbonates, but may include several other metals as well as bicarbonates and sulfates.

While it is not generally dangerous to safety or health, it does generally cause potentially costly nuisance problems in the home.

Hard water can be harsh on your skin, your clothes, your appliances, your pipes, and especially your wallet. It can clog your pipes, shorten the life of your appliances, and increase your energy bill. If hard water is a problem in your home, and you are tired of struggling to get rid of hard water spots and soap scum, you may want to consider a water softening system. With a Plumbing 4 Less water softening system you will notice immediate changes such as:

  • Softer linens, towels, and clothes
  • Shower doors, bathtubs, sinks and showers that are free from soap scum
  • Spot free dishes
  • Significantly reduce the cleaning time for kitchen and bathrooms
  • No more dry, itchy skin
  • Healthier hair

With a water softener from Plumbing 4 Less, over the long term, you will experience the benefits of saving money and replacement/ repair costs by having:

  • Water pipes that remain clearer and will not corrode as quickly
  • Clothes that are brighter, cleaner, and last longer
  • Appliances that will work more efficiently
  • More money in your pocket because you will use use less soap and detergent

Plumbing 4 Less offers complimentary water testing. You can schedule a time for one of our Water Quality Team members to come to your home, listen to your concerns, and to go through the options available for you to have conditioned water in your home.