Drain and Pipe Repair

Drain Repair and Replacement for Ottawa Area Homes

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For anyone who has ever had a major plumbing issue that ended up causing flooding you are aware of how costly and inconvenient this can be. We understand how this feels as we helped Ottawa area home owners deal with this on a regular basis. Drain replacement can be a big or small task.Contact Us to get a free estimate.

It’s very important to watch what gets put down your drains and try to maintain them properly in order to prevent larger issues from occurring. The pipes in your home lead to a single combined pipeline for waste water that gets carried into the municipal pipelines. It can certainly find itself very vulnerable at certain joints because of trees, soil shifting, or incredible weight/traffic over the pipeline, or building drain.

How do I know when my pipes need to be replaced?

Often times when multiple fixtures find themselves all clogging up together, it means immediate action needs to be taken to resolve it, as it can be very dangerous to your health. It’s likely there is waste backing up in your bathtub and shower and your sewer drain needs to be attended to. Thankfully Plumbing 4 Less has all the right tools and skills to accomplish this project. Consider a back water valve.

If you’re concerned about your sewer line, don’t forget that Plumbing 4 Less has all the required tools and experience to quickly diagnose your project and if we need to repair or replace your drains.

Drain Repairs

As home owners use a bathroom sink over time it clogs up. Removing a clog with a drain clearing chemical can help temporarilly but will likely not solve the problem in the long term and in some instances makes the problem worse.

Often home users don’t understand why clogs happen, which is where we often hear the claim: “but I didn’t pour anything down the drain”. But with a build up of facial hair, face wash, soap, make up, etc., it collects and needs to be extracted. So, not only are you pouring a toxic chemical down the drain, but now you’re flushing waste into the water system that should be disposed in other ways.

Handling blocked drains is a very common plumbing challenge we come across, as there are so many categories of drain problems we can help with.

Some eager owners believe they can fix these issues themselves, and the knowledgeable ones are generally successful. However, never underestimate a heavily blocked drain. Even though small clogs can be fixed fairly simply, using things like drain snakes should be left to the pros.

When a drain or pipe has been used extensively, sometimes it just needs to be repaired completely. It can be more than any home or business owner might be able to do. Do you know what to look for when needing a drain repaired? Here are the tell-tale signs:

  • Leaks and water spots: This is naturally a sign that a drain needs to be replaced or at least fixed. You look up at your kitchen ceiling and notice there’s a puddle spot. This is an indication of a cracked pipe. Sometimes the solution can be simple, but other times it may be a bigger job. We suggest you act immediately as mold and mildew issues can occur if left too long.
  • Slow Drains: Much like the discussion above about blocks and clogs in the drains, if it’s slow to drain, then it’s time to de-clog or investigate further issues.
  • Check your appliances: Laundry washing machines and dishwashers are important appliances to maintain. The pipes can clog pretty quickly and require repairs which can escalate pretty quickly.

Are you noticing you might be having these types of issues? We offer a variety of drain services:

  • Drain flooding
  • Drain repair
  • Drain installation
  • Drain jetting