Back Water Valves

Mandatory in New Homes in Ottawa a Backwater Valve Can Save a Messy Cleanup

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A backwater valve is a device that stops water and sewage in the drains outside of the house from coming back into the house. It ensures that it’s a one-way flow only.

Why Do We Need Backwater Valves?

Sometimes the city sewer system can become clogged. Until people in the neighbourhood realize the problem, they will keep flushing toilets and running taps. When that happens the water will start to back up into any empty pipe it can find, including the pipes that provide drainage from the nearby homes. Any pipe without a backwater valve will allow sewage to rise up and flood the basement.

Who Should Get a Backwater Valve?

Certain types of homes in Ottawa require backwater valves more than other but are recommended for any home, even homes on higher ground. A sewer backup can happen even if your home is at the top of a hill. It can be caused by a clog, groundwater flooding or any type of strain on the sewer system.

Having a backwater valve installed will help protect your home against sewer surges.

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