Pipe and Sewer Locating

Expert pipe and sewer locating for repairs and renovations

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Serving the Ottawa area, Plumbing 4 Less can locate your drain pipe for you. Locating your drain pipe is a very important service that we provide which is often the first step in preventing or solving any plumbing problems.

If you are a homeowner that experiences constant drain blockages then you may need to have your drain pipe repaired or replaced. In this case, specialized equipment can be used by an expert Plumbing 4 Less technician to locate the problem area of the drain pipe and even show the exact depth. As well, we can locate the drain pipe for customers in order to find the closest spot for a new plumbing connection or a new washroom rough-in. Locating the drain pipe can be a very good preventative measure if any new additions are to be built therefore preventing damage to any drains. In a case where the basement is to be lowered, locating the pipe before the job has started gives the customer the exact depth that the new floor can be installed at. It also determines if there is the necessity of installing a sewage pump.

At Plumbing 4 Less, we always use the best available equipment to serve our Ottawa area customers. The best equipment allows us to give you the best service.

Why to locate your drain pipe

  • Planning renovations
  • Planning a new bathroom
  • Lowering your basement
  • Replacement of drainage because of age
  • Repair because of clogging or flooding